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A Journey from Darkness to Light: The Search for Prisoners of War


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The book is about a platoon who was waiting at a landing zone for a pickup. Suddenly, as the helicopters approached a strong enemy force fired into the platoon and helicopters. Two helicopters landed and picked up a waiting squad but the third could not and aborted the mission. The platoon took a brave stand but ran out of ammunition. The members were captured and made Prisoners. For ten years these men were held captive and tortured and abused through food deprivation, lack of exercise, beatings, and harassment.



A task force was formed under Operation Grey Skies to find the imprisoned soldiers. On the third attempt of the search the prisoners were found. A harrowing escape ensued through Laos and Cambodia.

Multiple encounters with hostile fores occurred along with impassable mountains, overflowed roads, sickness and wounds.



Finally the escape through Cambodia was completed when the rescuers and ex-prisoners of War entered Thailand and finally boarded an airplane for the trip HOME. Their home coming was celebrated by family, friends, government officials, and military. After all the project was not funded by the government or the military.

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