Across the Chasm


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Christopher Redding, a middle aged businessman, experiences a psychic phenomenon that changes his life. He meets a young woman who triggers the event. In the course of happenings he finds himself in the body of another man in Mexico during the Mexican war. He meets a woman he feels he’s always known.

On his return to the present he finds that the man whose body he entered had transmigrated to his own body and caused havoc with his life, including making love to his wife and attempting to seduce his step-daughter.

With his life in chaos, Chris moves back and forth between eras, trying to choose between lives, loves and problems that have become increasingly bizarre. He is hospitalized, jailed, wounded by Apaches and chased by Mexican cavalry. He pursues his Spanish love but encounters difficulties he couldn’t imagine.

Chris’s modern life is in shambles and he decides to give up his family in favor of the young woman he is now living with. But that is not the end of the story.

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