All Votes Matter!


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The Electoral College always fails to deliver voting results that reflect the will of the people. This book reveals the source of the failure and what can be done to remedy the situation. The remedy, called Equal Voice Voting (EVV), retains the proportional voting process set forth in the Electoral College. It ends the voting disenfranchisement (vote suppression) experienced in every presidential election which sets aside tens of millions of ballots without representation. EVV, a politically nonpartisan approach, ensures every vote affects the election result and every viable candidate gains representation. The U.S. Constitution is honored, states retain their independent sovereignty within our republic, and the voting process checks and balances are retained – just as the Founding Fathers intended. All Votes Matter! provides a historical look at the Electoral College, examines its basic principles, and provides the results of an in-depth analysis of the previous 16 presidential elections (1960 – 2020) to prove EVV’s validity. It shows that the state-by-state voting results over those 16 elections would have closely adhered to the popular voting results if EVV had been used. A comparison is made of EVV to the nationwide popular voting and National Popular Vote Interstate Compact approaches promoted by others, showing how those two solutions would fail to serve our nation well. All Votes Matter! shows how the Equal Voice Voting remedy can be realized without requiring a U.S. Constitutional amendment nor an interstate compact. The book emphasizes how vital the voice of the people (our votes) is to our democracy and how we can secure a fairer and more equal voting representation in our presidential elections. All Votes Matter! encourages all of us to become engaged in presidential election reform to truly help preserve our democracy.
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