An Obstacomer s Journey Through Foresight and Hindsight


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Persevering Through Life s Unrelenting Trials

I have been maintaining a gratitude journal for the past twenty years, which I now refer to as my “gratitude timeline.” I never thought to share some of its contents until after my attempt to purchase inspirational books whose authors have inspired me throughout my struggles to provide as gifts to orphans and vulnerable youth I met during my travel to sub-Saharan Africa. After returning from a trip to Zambia in June 2019, I began to plan future travels to visit the orphans and vulnerable youth, and it suddenly occurred to me during a conversation with a friend in August 2019 that sharing my own story would enable me to connect and relate to the orphans and vulnerable youth, since I have walked in their shoes after losing both parents at a young age. I was further inspired to share my own story after a Sabbath school discussion at church about living a legacy of God’s faithfulness in one’s life for the generation behind you.

In October 2019, I finally made the decision to publish this twenty–day devotional on God’s continued faithfulness in my life. First, I created an outline of key topics and life lessons I wanted to impart into the lives of my readers, which made me realize I had a lot more to share than just a few pages. My hope with this devotional is to encourage orphans, vulnerable youth around the world, and anyone who has had to overcome many obstacles throughout life.


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