Book of True Life Poems


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This book is about life. It comes from the heart and from the soul, created from a thought, sometimes an anecdote, an instinct, and above all an insight and exploration of life itself. It witnesses the highs and lows and explores the journey of life from birth to death, shares real experiences of disasters, some experienced myself, as well as poems on matters relevant and pertinent to the current world we live in. Some witty, some funny, some deep and profound, based on truth, reality and experience. Do read and enjoy!

About the Author: Dave Courtney-Shore

Dave was born and grew up on the shores of England and following his schooling travelled around the World working for consultancies and institutions like PWC, the World Bank and United Nations, in some of the richest and indeed poorest places on the planet. Besides troubleshooting projects, sometimes in the middle of nowhere, sometimes left on his own, he learned much about people and life, its challenges and experiences, some deep and profound. His love of poetry grew overtime through experience of love, disasters and travel. He has also published the first book of a trilogy of love poems the first entitled “Illustrated Book of True Love Poems”. For those experiencing love it is a must.davecourtneyshore@gmail.com

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