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Given our basic welfare life subsistence- rent, food, transportation, and a little surplus income for a can of beer, social life is bearable. But without any definite direction and creative occupational pursuit with the possibility of it turning into a profitable economic enterprise for the marginal income and poor individual, social life is perpetual hell. This was something I personally experienced in 1989 when I was 38 years old. It was the ultimate depression of my entire adult life. Accepting my humanity and an honest assessment of my abilities, the only pressing question was: how to move forward?

My answer was to use and direct my entire energies to self-development. This began with reading contents of encyclopedias. The trail of discovery and excitement for social life began with the surge of knowledge of a zillion things I know absolutely nothing about- even with the six years I had spent in and out of colleges, just to get a competitive edge in the industrial world of employment and was never successful. I flat out considered myself a reject! And as I dug deeper into the human world of active experience from one reference of fact, character, event, or incident in history to another, experiencing, experimenting, and doing what’s necessary with positive results, active learning became the HABIT to become spontaneously responsive and productive in today’s or any days’ social world.

All said, I owe my entire adjustments in social life to the nation’s welfare system that allowed me a bare modicum of subsistence. Without it, I would perish.

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