Conundrums of the End: Fate, Destiny, and Apocalypse


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Western civilization is coming to an end. There is a hunger for catastrophe in the air. What this coming catastrophe looks like depends on your cultural conditioning. In Conundrums of the End, author Albert Krueger offers a spiritual guidebook examining the formation of Christian faith for the postmodern mind in the present apocalyptic cultural environment.

Krueger shows that the language of the Book of Revelation, and apocalyptic language in general, is meant to be evocative rather than indicative. Presenting a Biblical analysis of the present historical moment, he references disparate interpreters of life such as St. Augustine, Rick Joyner and Elisabeth Kubler-Ross as he gives is a deconstructive approach to the modern “production line” idea of history.
In five parts-the end of the world, four worlds and four-not-worlds, birth pangs, destiny and fate, and DABDA-Conundrums of the End looks at today’s apocalyptic times and asks if you are ready for the change.

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