Coping With Stress for Mental and Physical Health and Longevity


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I have three primary goals, and I want you to be aware of these now. I also want you to know that sometimes you may be uncomfortable with what you are hearing. However, it is important to understand that events that occur early in life define aspects of mental and physical health throughout life. Each of the three goals will be described in detail as you proceed. These are the following: 1. Every person has the right to become all they are capable of becoming. Some of the factors that affect who we become include the stress a woman experiences during pregnancy, the amount of abuse a child experiences, and whether an individual is bullied. 2. Learning to increase your ability to manage stress will help you to stay healthy as you go through the aging process. Stay healthy, get older, die quickly-that is the blessing. Yes, the longer you stay healthy as you age, the shorter your demise. I hope saying this doesn’t make you uncomfortable. We all are going to die. Let’s do all we can to avoid serious chronic disease, manage chronic disease better when it occurs, and increase the likelihood of staying healthy as we age. I consider that a blessing. 3. Developing the skills that increase your ability to cope with stress will help to make you a meaningful role model for others who will see how stress does not have to alter their mental and physical health. This is an especially important message if you have children and grandchildren.

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