Croatia 4 – Rise & Fall of the Illyrian Movement


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1. Two sons of the Emerald Isle, Field Marshal Laval Graf Nugent von Westmeath and Colonel Laval Graf Nugent von Westmeath, play vital roles in the mid-19th century national revival in Croatia.

1a. The Nugents are the Real Deal: righteous men radiating the highest civil and martial values in peace and war.

2. The Nugents, father Laval and son Albert, officially and personally, play decisive roles in the promotion and legitimization of linguistic, cultural, national, and political ideals in Croatia, including (2a) a common language and alphabet for Croats and Serbs, and (2b) the establishment of a Serbia centered Yugoslavia, a constitutional state with the Karadjordjevic dynasty at its head.

3. Laval and Albert’s comprehensive and determined efforts to save the nationally confused Croats from themselves, sustain the Illyrian Movement, and revive the Croat nation, are often passively or actively opposed by Croatia’s Croats.

4. Croat opposition to a Revival is especially strong in Croatia’s heartland. In Varazdin. In Zagreb’s Zagrebacko Polje/Turopolje.

5.Croat opposition is even greater in Slavonia, where the Croat name can lead to a stiff kick in the knickers.

6.Croat opposition is especially fierce and overwhelming in Osijek, the largest town in Croatia and Slavonia.

7. The strongest support for a Croat national revival in Croatia and Slavonia is found in local Serb communities.

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