Discernment from Daniel


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The biblical book of Daniel has fascinated readers for centuries. Does the intrigue center on flashy apocalyptic writing, the oh-so-very-human stories, or the mysterious futuristic narrative? Whatever the appeal, all Daniel explorers inevitably bump up against some literary curiosities and prophetic perplexities along the way. Fortunately for every Daniel fan, both admirers and questionnaires, we now have Discernment from Daniel. Here the prophecy’s allurement and its secrets are revealed for us in a substantial—but thankfully entertaining—narrative. There’s even a splash of poetry, humor, and dream reverie to add a pinch of spice. Then, we close with a quartet of Appendices and a thorough Index for further historical study. Discernment from Daniel uniquely mixes the inspirational and the academic—a rare blessing. What the prophecy has to say in our new millennium is nothing short of profound, so it’s nice to hold a book that lights the way with some solid text and smart writing.

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