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Practical Solutions For Overcoming Challenges to Thrive in Life

Thrive Even During The Most Difficult Times In Your Life & Come Out A Stronger, Happier Person With The Help Of This Book! Do you find yourself getting easily overwhelmed during hard times? Do you wish you were more optimistic and courageous when new opportunities come your way? Do you want to stop living in the shadows of your past mistakes and move forward with your life? If you said YES to all three questions, you’re in the right place! In times of despair, visualizing better days ahead can prove to be challenging. Grief has a way of making even the hardiest people believe that they’re all alone and helpless in this vast, cruel world. More often than not, people allow their feelings of helplessness get the better of them, making them more susceptible to depression, anxiety, and inner turmoil. The good news is that your anguish does not define you. Sure, it can become overwhelming when the odds are stacked against us, but there is hope for redemption. You CAN be resilient! YOU can do something to take back control and change your life… and this book will help you do just that! Over the course of this life-changing guide, you will:•Maintain a healthy mind and body by learning how to PROPERLY manage stress. Immediately identify and correct your perfectionism before it takes over your life. Learn how to find the ULTIMATE balance in your life without burning yourself out. Expertly establish key values so you’ll know what you need to prioritize and focus on. Cultivate healthy, nourishing relationships and learn to steer clear of toxic people. And so much more! Toxic optimism permeates modern life. Everywhere you look, you only see self-serving, out-of-touch, and – sometimes – condescending platitudes that tell you to simply brush yourself off when you fall and everything will be alright… without really giving you any tangible pieces of advice. If things were only that easy, you wouldn’t even be here in the first place! Yudelka Columna knows this all too well. As an immigrant from the Dominican Republic, she came to the United States with the hope of finding a better life for her and her two children. She worked long hours to get her Master’s Degree in Social Work in a foreign country without any support. Things were hard, but she soldiered on… and now she wants to teach you how she did it.In her book, Yudelka shares 12 practical steps that allowed her to become resilient and helped her flourish amidst the chaos and hardships that went her way, so you can also achieve tangible, lasting success and take back control on your life! Don’t miss out! Scroll up, Click on “Buy Now with 1-Click”, and Become More Resilient Today!


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