Endless Horizons: Journeys Within a Journey


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At age fifteen Brent Asay began listening to “Days of Future Passed” by The Moody Blues, an iconic rock album combining rock music, classical music, and spoken-word poetry that opened and closed the wondrous musical work. The first few times listening, Asay was captivated by all the amazing features of this work, especially the poetry that lifted him to an even higher level of fascination. Moved and inspired by this musical masterpiece, Asay immediately launched into experimenting with poetry, expressing his thoughts, insights, and perceptions in poetic form, and sharing his poems with others. Endless Horizons: Journeys within a Journey by author Brent Asay is a poetry universe of various themes, dimensions, and flows. Unique, imaginative, and thought-provoking, it much reflects his pilgrimage through life and that of others, drawing on his observations of life, people, and places, and on his own life experiences. Asay’s poetry gives rich meaning to the common, everyday experience, drawing out the extraordinary from the ordinary. It is compelling, refreshing, and personal yet at same time, universal. The hardships, sorrows, and struggles of life contrast with light, triumph, beauty, joy, love, and celebrations of life. Endless Horizons offers a worthwhile, meaningful, and enjoyable read.


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