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From Darkness to Sunrise One Man’s Natural Epiphany


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Martin Holmes grew up in rural Appalachia at a time when youngsters generally adhered to the strong religious and musical influences of the area. His passion for the guitar was a given, but religion was different. With his many misgivings surrounding supernatural religion, Martin began rebelling against rigid parental expectations. “Why should I have to listen to church authorities preaching about the supernatural? They know little more about it than I.”
Touring with country rock groups Martin experienced antipodal lifestyle changes—a meteoric rise in musical talent, matched by personal moral decline—innocence to decadence. With years of incessant travel he had become the libertine–partying, drugging, drinking, and womanizing. After one prolonged international tour Martin returned from Seoul to LA preternaturally exhausted. Sadly, thirty-six hours of sleep provided no relief. Some debilitating mental state had set in. He was miserable whether active or sitting inertly staring at the wall. After failing professional treatment, Martin embarked on his own arduous effort to solve his dilemma.
Seeking an approach outside of organized religion, Martin posed the question: How can two people of equal intelligence and education look at identical facts, yet arrive at diametrically opposed positions—rationality versus fabulism? Pursuing this enigma led him not only down a natural enlightened path through the French philosophes, and the early naturalists as Linnaeus, Buffon and Darwin. Each illuminated some unique aspect concerning organization within the universe. Finally, Martin had gained a sense of the depth of organization on the planet. Every species occupies a unique, regulatory niche. As he comprehended the transcendence of it all, Man’s position within the life force, his own niche within humanity, his alienation, his sense of isolation magically melted away. He had seen the light and it was truly fulfilling.

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