God Never Changes: In the Land of the Living


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Since the beginning of time, God has never changed-and neither have we, His human creation. Despite modern comforts, technology, and education, we are still His children. No matter how far we have fallen, He reaches out and pulls us up from the pit of despair into the land of the living.

God Never Changes is a collection of ten stories that transcend cultures and show miracles of faith. These are tales of wounded people, struggling to live in truth and freedom within an imperfect world. Each narrative imparts a Christian, biblical theme using modern day people, places, and events. We are reminded that God calls everyday people to be unwitting evangelists in His salvation plan for the world.

Author Elaine Thorpe is a Catholic laywoman who draws her stories from personal encounters experienced in service to the needy, disenfranchised, and lonely. She creates fictionalized characters that mimic reality and reveal the presence of God within people struggling to find truth and inspire faith in today’s fractured world.

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