God Plants a Garden: A Different Kind of Love Story


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What in the world was God thinking when He began creation? Have you ever wondered why God even wanted to create our world in the first place? Have you ever thought about the decisions God had to make each day as He went through the creation process? What did He have to do first? How did God decide where to put His creation, what He was going to include, what each thing would look like, what each thing would be named? For whom did God make His creation? What might it have been like if you had been there looking over God’s shoulder and seeing the creation process unfold through His eyes? God Plants a Garden takes a fresh look at the creation story and gives you the opportunity to imagine journeying with God through the creation process each day, exploring some possible answers to these questions and to appreciate all that God must have had to do as He created His garden-and perhaps even discover a different kind of love story along the way.


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