I Drew Him From the Water


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Marissa has led the life of a successful news anchor for ET News in Rameses, Egypt for about five years now. All was going well for this reporter until Moses came to town. Upon his arrival, she felt a stirring, a dissatisfaction, trouble in her soul.

A stranger by the name of Moses has shown up recently in Goshen, Egypt. Is this the Moses of old, the one who committed murder and ran? Assigned to do a documentary on Moses, Marissa plans on receiving her coveted Emmy. If only she had used her reporter’s nose for what lied ahead of her to gain that Emmy. As her beloved Pharaoh finds himself doing battle with this Moses she’s been assigned to, does she stay loyal to Pharaoh? If so, what price would she pay?

Marissa never dreamed of how her life and the lives of all those in Egypt would change the day this man called Moses came to town. How did Egypt’s beloved Pharaoh become a victim of this Moses and his unknown God? Only time will tell.

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