Incident at the Historical Museum


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This is a story about two friends, Jason and Trevor, who met in college. They became friends and, very quickly, best friends. After college, Jason starts working in security, and thanks to a boss that totally destroys him at his job, decides to go out on his own so that can’t happen again, a decision that almost gets himself killed. Trevor decrypts encoded messages from foreign powers for the FBI, CIA, and other government agencies. After realizing his potential, he lands his dream job and prepares himself for this new exciting career.

Jason falls in love with a high-priced hooker and eventually wants to marry her, not knowing her occupation. Trevor goes to work in his new career and falls for someone that ends up dead. He is distraught and fights to find answers to why his newfound love died, as well as what’s going on at the historical museum that somehow has complicated his life and career. He helps Jason in a tangled web of deceit that he gets dragged into and ends up saving Jason’s life. Trevor, after searching for answers to his friend’s murder, gets mixed up in a drug operation that could get him killed in the end. Thanks to a great relationship with the local police, Trevor gets to play cop with some heavy hitters and discovers a lot of secrets that completely surprise him. This story has sex, drugs, mystery, intrigue, and murder. Enjoy!


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