Knockout!: Kicking Cancer’s Ass


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Brian Squadere was a typical teenaged boy. He absolutely loved sports, and he loved his life. But then, as a seventeen-year old high school student, Brian was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called Ewing’s Sarcoma. At the time, his odds of survival were a million to one. In what should have been the best of times, life had thrown him a major league curve ball. At first, it looked for sure as if he’d strike out. But not Brian. He never gave up. He kept swinging – and swinging hard – fouling off pitch after pitch, and defying the odds. Today, he is living a “cancer-free” life, with no regrets, and only optimism for his future. This is the remarkable story of Brian Squadere’s unrelenting battle to not only save his life, but of his dogged unwillingness to discard his dream of recapturing the normal life that most thought impossible. He didn’t do it alone, however; it took a combined “army” of doctors, clergy, friends, and most of all family, all of whom played an extraordinary part in what can only be described as a miracle. Knockout! (Kicking Cancer’s Ass) will punch you in the gut, for sure – but it will also inspire you like no book you’ve ever read before.

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