Lord Teach Me How to Pray


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To new and growing Christians who want to strengthen your relationship with God by communicating frequently with Him through prayer.

Do you end up disillusioned or even bitter when you feel your prayer isn’t heard or answered? How long should you pray to be effective? Do you dread prayer time or feel frustrated when trying to spend a certain segment of time each day praying? Is your prayer flowing or has your prayer time become stifled, mechanical, and lifeless—a real drag!

What if you could actually pray the right way like Jesus’s disciples and in your own words, increasing your faith and spiritual growth instead?

In the new and transforming book, Lord Teach Me How to Pray by Rodney Perry, Diane Smith, and Mark C. Overton, you’ll discover how to not only get your prayer heard, but you’ll also be

•motivated to learn how your prayers can be acceptable to God,
•inspired to find answers to some of life’s basic questions, and
•driven to follow prayer patterns and teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ!

The powerful and beautiful prayer model revealed in Lord Teach Me How to Pray is based on timeless wisdom and inspiring insights and expert tips from successful spiritual leaders.

Now’s your opportunity to pray with faith and a pure heart for God’s help while you strive constantly to resist battles and receive blessings using the Lord’s Prayer as a pattern to follow.

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