Mary Eliska Girl Detective – Temple of Death The Bride of the Sun King


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Mary Eliska Girl Detective – Book 75 – The Temple of Death – The Bride of the Sun King – as re-written by William A. Stricklin © 2021

The Bride of the Sun written by the author of “Phantom of the Opera,” whose original tale takes us to Peru where Dick Montgomery hopes to marry his fiancé, Maria-Teresa de la Torre, the daughter of a Spanish marquis. Because of their disrespectful manner, Maria-Teresa discharges a group of Quichua Indians working in the household, including Huascar. It is heard that the Indians have found an Incan king and are going to celebrate an ancient ceremony wherein a virgin bride is sacrificed to The Sun King. Maria-Teresa (Mary Eliska Girl Detective in our story) is the chosen victim and is kidnapped. Dick and Maria-Teresa’s father attempt to save her but are unsuccessful. Huascar comes to them, saying he will save Maria-Teresa, but is he to be trusted? Left with no choice, they take Huascar at his word, and a rescue begins. Please enjoy this mystery book.

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