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The Depth of American Medical Malpractice

This excellent diversified book covering a American Born Educated Girl who had married a Delhl , India born boy in Chicago, IL USA on January, 28 , 1976 after the boy the husband Pradeep Berry migrated to Chicago IL USA on January,15, 1976 and after meeting him on the January 24, 1976 in Gateway to India Restaurant at 1543 North Wells Street Old town,Chicago, IL USA

The book covers the Medical negligence and Conspiracy behind My wife’ death on the early morning of February, 27, 2015 at 1.10 AM in the morning of February, 2015.

The Medical Fraternity in USA is very very strong and prosperous and help doctors to make sure none of them are sued. They cover each other in anyway, especially when they know that someone has filed a lawsuit against a Medical Doctor, on the wrongful death.

Untold secrets of my Connie my first and last love with medical Negligence and conspiracy . Written by the husband of his wife Mrs Constance Ann Berry- who was born in a wealthy suburban family and was educated at the top elite universities in USA. She was a professor of English, German and French in USA and US Army in Germany, France and Spain.

After her death On February 27, 2015 at 1.10 AM in morning at the fourth floor of the ICICU units of cardiac arrest in the Evanston Hospital, In Evanston, IL USA

Pradeep Berry tried to file a law suit against the previous head and neck oncologist Dr Bruce Brockstine who was my wonderful wife’ oncologist until he ruined my wife’ cancer including the Plumery doctor Christopher Winslow MD and before that it was Dr Douglas Merkel MD a breast cancer specialist who was my wife’s Cancer doctor in August, 2002 .

Later in 2004 Mrs Berry had a ear infection and went to see him or Dr Merkel MD who after seeing her told her he had no concerns in January 2005. However My wife Connie- (going back to the book, I would use Connie)

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