Moonbeams and Poetry: For Those Whose Ears Are Pricked and Tongues That Are Long-Drawn


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This composition scuttles from there to here with unpronounceable spaces in between. I suggest you read it with a sense of youthful whimsy and curiosity, and if these little ditties don’t comport with your understanding of the universe, you may do what I sometimes do.

When I wonder why, after applying noteworthy effort, some idea just still isn’t where I can grasp it, I can’t my face toward the night sky, look upward and across, seeking an audience with a moonbeam, hoping the answer is contained somewhere within its sheet of radiance, waiting to be revealed.

Readers who are exploring poetry for the very first time will appreciate the easy initiation into verse that Staudenraus’ writing and the vibrant imagery accompanying each poem offer. Thus, this engaging compilation of the author’s work is a fun read for poets and readers of all levels and experiences.

– The US Review of Books

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