My Name Is Deliverer


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Have you ever been lost in a dark place? Have you ever found yourself surrounded by turmoil, confusion, or danger? We’ve certainly all felt this way at some time or another. But have you ever been lost in the middle of the Sudanese desert late at night, wandering around alone in the vast brush of a country in the midst of a devastating war? Bob Nicol has.

In My Name Is Deliverer, author Bob Nicol shares his harrowing experiences around the globe, and whether he was fighting for survival in a small canoe during a 260-mile river race, breaking down on a mountainous back road deep in the forests of Kenya, or dealing with the probes of foreign government officials, Bob knows how he was able to get out alive and live to tell the tale. God had something to do with it.

Join Bob as he treks through some of the most perplexing predicaments and discovers some of the most astounding supernatural solutions. It is true that God never gives you more than you can handle, but in Bob’s case, the Lord may have been testing the limits!

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