Odyssey of Revenge


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Revenge and the desire for vengeance suddenly and violently intrude into the otherwise placid lives of the Spencer family. Often seen as an abstraction, they become reality with the death of a beautiful young teenage girl. Each person struggles with the personal definition of what it means to obtain retribution within their own minds and on the larger scale of everyday life in a small Southern town. Friendships are challenged. Political power and personal greed are the dark and sometimes-violent dictates of the chaos and misery everyone experiences. A mother’s love for her only child culminates in the demise of a political dynasty. Three men, retired from the service, exacerbate the blurred lines of risk and danger, which culminates in the search for truth, justice, and honor. Different worldviews expose the filters through which assumptions are exposed and relationships threatened. Interpersonal conflict explores the spectrum of the constant debate between the validity of revenge as a human condition. What would anyone do if faced with the travesty of justice stolen and the murder of an innocent brother? Trust is violated on many levels. Death occurs by overt premeditation, proxy, and rage.

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