Reach Your Neighbors: Regional Evangelism through English as a second language ministries


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This book is a 133 intermediate-level Bible study lessons for using English as a Second Language (ESL) or in Christian middle and high school English literature class instructions. Each lesson contains biblical text, reading comprehension (true/false), vocabularies, “fill in the blank” with vocabularies (above), “write your own sentence,” and finally, reflection questions. The biblical texts are taken from the Bible chronologically, from Jesus’s birth, his ministry, suffering, crucifixion, resurrection, and his ascension in the first chapter of Acts (lessons 1-83) and continues with the mission and ministry of apostles Peter and Paul and others in the Book of Acts (lessons 84-133). The primary purpose of the book is to help students of ESL and intermediate level of English classes understand historically how the Christianity all got started in the first century and to learn English language simultaneously. The author would like to stress the importance of the reflection questions on each lesson. As we all know, some students are newly immigrated from other countries to our neighborhoods. To them, the oppression by their governments back home is still new and fresh. Some questions might be politically sensitive to them, but in the meanwhile, their life stories are very real. Use these questions to let them talk about their life experiences back home and would most likely enhance their English language proficiency.

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