Sixty-Six Years, Thousands of Funerals, and Five Wives


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Everyone who lives sixty-six plus years has a story to tell. This is mine!

My parents lived during an important and difficult period in the history of our country. The Great Depression changed people and changed the way they worked and raised their families. My Daddy worked hard and raised his children to work hard.

This is my story of how I grew up under my parents’ notions and ideas and how I was blessed to know at an early age what direction my life would take professionally and how that carries me through my entire life. I have tried to portray some of those individuals honestly and give a true accounting of how each and everyone of them affected me and my life. My life was not perfect-far from it. I made a lot of mistakes along the way and I have admitted them (well some of them). There were funny events, events that didn’t seem funny at the time, but I reflect on them and can now see the humor. I had a lot of success and watched what I had worked so hard to achieve get ripped apart and taken down. My personal life has been rocky at times, but by the grave of God and those people on Earth who believed in me, I came through it all.

I have written this book as an accounting of my birth, my childhood, and how I became a funeral director, a father, and a husband (five times).

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