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The most learned healthcare professionals and researchers cannot even agree if a virus is alive or not. Politicians and government leaders could not care less if the virus is dead or alive as long as it is useful to claim the prize of political power and earthly control of our country’s citizens and Republic.

Bacteria and viruses have been with us since the beginning of creation. In the beginning, everything was good and worked together. After the fall, all of creation was cursed. Good and evil now coexist. There are good viruses and bad viruses. Good viruses kill bad bacteria and give us immunity to bad viruses. Bad viruses rearrange and reassort to act as “powerful counterforces” to the human population.

The pandemic virus of 1918 lives on, as will the coronavirus of 2020, as the microscopic and macroscopic forces and the unseen and seen forces of good and evil fight until the end.

Evil and bad will not win in the end as God’s hand is always on top of His creation and in total control. His grace continues to be abundant. He even directs particles of viral DNA and RNA, encased in HA and NA, to choose reassortments that favor optimal transmissibility over lethal pathogenicity. Even “bad,” possibly nonliving viruses “know” that when they kill their hosts or incapacitate them, they have reached a dead end, and who wants to end their “lives” that way? Not even viruses.

God’s Natural Law will not be smashed by humanity or by viruses. Humanity and viruses will ultimately be smashed by the Natural Law. Even if politicians and learned scientists and researchers do not understand that coronavirus will never leave either, we need to learn to live with it.

True wisdom begins with the fear of God and not the fear of coronavirus.

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