Stealing America’s Future: The Conventional Lies of the Press and Politicians


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Stealing America’s Future makes a comparison of today’s America to late 19th Century Europe using two rare books, “The Conventional Lies of our Civilization” by Nordau, describing Europe’s elitist leadership, and “The Soviets at Work by Lenin,” outlining the Russian Revolution as it took place. Not commonly a part of the discussion of history, both provide frightening detail about the nuances of the geopolitics of Europe during the early 20th century. Using heartwarming family stories, humorous anecdotes, incisive criticism, and cold factual analysis, it describes how progressive liberalism, with its attempts at social engineering and excessive permissiveness, has brought social and economic disaster to America. If one reads but two chapters, they need to read the “Lies of Communism” and the “Lies of Modern Science.” They alone make the book a great read. This book covers numerous subjects and also enumerates the abject lies and the not so common lies purveyed to the American people by its politicians and media. We all need to be better informed and better critical thinkers.

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