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How To Lead During Challenging Times!


The experienced and successful leader, Frank Clay, Jr. shares his practical wisdom and timely advice about how to lead others during challenging times. He offers solid instruction and leadership tips on how to be better prepared to lead during a major challenge or an immediate crisis.


“All leaders at every level should take the time to reflect on their preparedness to lead others through a major challenge or immediate crisis. In the future… any of us could find ourselves in a ‘leadership moment’ where we will need to be at our best to make a difference for others!” 

– Frank Clay

Inspired by the national crisis of the COVID 19 PANDEMIC, which clearly exposed the preparedness of our leaders in every capacity of leadership, this book was written to create more awareness about the various qualities of being a SUCCESSFUL LEADER. The content, quotes, and leadership tips are designed to help a leader make a self examination of what it truly means for a leader to lead others through a major challenge or an immediate crisis.

SUCCESSFUL LEADERS | BIG BELIEVERS; How To Lead During Challenging Times is a reflective exercise for the reader to help build confidence and competence in their ability to lead others “RIGHT NOW.”

Frank Clay believes that to be a Successful Leader, you must be a Big Believer in the people you lead, the processes you lead with, your principles, your purpose and the person you are as a leader. Mr. Clay shares the importance of establishing an impeccable work ethic in others and how a leader should go about achieving successful change in order to achieve exceptional results.

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