Tea and Biscuit Girls


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By nightfall, a sweltering day in September 1940 would turn London into hell. Frightening waves of the German Luftwaffe flew over the city, dropping tons of bombs. The city turned into a deadly inferno, as terrified citizens huddled in air raid shelters.

After weeks of the raids, Mary Elizabeth O’Neill became quiet and withdrawn, which caused her parents to worry. They decided to send Mary and her 16 year old sister, Katie, to Scotland for their safety and sanity.

Uncle Will and Aunt Maggie welcomed the girls with open arms, but only Mary adjusted readily to country life. Katie was miserable. Her dreams of furthering her education were squashed and she found herself working like a slave on her uncle’s farm. Only Jenny Monroe’s friendship saved her.

Both friends left the farm at 18 and joined the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force. Katie would marry an RAF pilot. Jane would marry an American. It’s their girlhood friendship which saves them through life’s trials during a horrible war.

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