The Aliens Among Us


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Montigan, the small but beautiful Martian country, now faces an existential threat. With a population devastated by years of war, they face annexation by their political enemies. Granted a one year reprieve by the Supreme Martian Court, Montiganians must prove they can rebuild their population to minimum legal levels, or their charter will be given to the very countries whose greed-driven wars brought them to this point.

The first Montigan mission to Earth brought back human blood for DNA splicing into the Martian gene pool. The early trials failed to yield promised results, but their later advanced gene experiments had a surprising outcome: male human babies. Now, grown and trained as Martian agents, four of these humans, Steve Hamlet, Tom Steinway, Andrew Holloway, and David Conway, are Montigan’s greatest hope to thwart its enemies. Their mission is to invade the Earth and bring back human female blood, so human babies’ creation might continue on Mars. Handpicked for their unwavering allegiance to Montigan and their fluency in Earth languages, their loyalty will be tested as they carry out their own personal mission: Finding Earthmates and locating their bloodline to solve the mystery of their existence.

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