The American Robin


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The American Robin is North America’s most widespread songbird, with a range extending from Alaska, Canada, and Newfoundland to the highlands of Mexico and Guatemala. Its ruddy red breast and cheerful song have made it one of our most beloved birds – as American as apple pie, as familiar a harbinger of spring as the first daffodil. Connecticut, Michigan, and Wisconsin have chosen the American Robin as their state bird, while a pair of robins grace the Canadian two- dollar bill.

In this book, Roland H. Wauer offers a complete natural history of the American Robin for a popular audience. Combining his own observations as a field naturalist with data gleaned from the scientific literature, he described the American Robin from every angle – appearance and biology, distribution, behavior, life cycle, and enemies and threats. In addition, he explores the legends and lore surrounding robins (“Whoever kills a robin redbreast will never have good luck were they to live a thousand years”) and offers suggestions for attracting robins to your yard with favorite food, water, landscape plantings, and nesting places.

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