!: The Eisegesis of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black


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This is precisely a book about the preciousness of time. If I would say what this book is about it would remove the mystery. This is also a book about the value of privacy. I’ll be very considerate for what you don’t know and telling you what this book is about. I’d rather not completely leave you out of the know. For the most part we start from the center of the !, Expanding completely…. If I had to say what this book is about in as few words as possible, actually this book is about living within the moment, collecting and accounting for every moment leading up to this one. This is a book about accountability. This is also a book about accepting that I have full responsibility for all my ideas. I turned 34 yesterday actually on the 10th of March 2020. Perhaps you don’t even think anyone’s birthday is relevant. Perhaps, you don’t think time exists. This is also a book about the congruence of beliefs. So, basically I started as an ! Leaving back till now. As you’ve already figured out grammatically, this book may very well be off the rails. You’ll figure it out. Have fun!

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