The Future of Christianity


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This book is suitable for believers who love God. Here is an attempt to tell in brief the history of Christianity and what the future holds for it, as well. If you believe your faith has arrived at ultimate truth, you might reject the idea that it will change at all. But if history is any guide, no matter how deeply held our beliefs might be today, they are likely in time to be transformed as they pass to our children., or simply to fade away. In much of the world it seems like an uphill struggle, but if we are going to win the world for Christ, there are fundamental things we must address.

This book emphasizes both spiritual life and spiritual knowledge because as a Christian, we need both. We are spiritual beings and it is important that we take that inner life seriously. If we hope to make any changes in our culture, the Christian faith is something that we will want to be able to engage. Each generation has had its leaders and its trailblazers. In the field of Christianity, we have had those who have shaped our thinking and provided us with godly role models. Our history is rich with people who have led the way. It is my hope that this book will serve a new generation of Christian believers.

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