The Ladies of Lancaster County: The Blessings of True Friendship: Book 5


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Isaacs parents, friends, and especially Abby, his betrothed, are worried sick he will have brain damage from all the time he spent under the ice. Granted he could also get pneumonia. They all knew the outcome is in Gods hands.

Darcy is asked to take a leave of absence from Dr. Ken Caseys office to come help her friend, Laura, with Joshua. She will stay to help with the bobbelin. Being out where Adam lives has brought her closer to him. Now that he spoke of his intentions to marry her, she didnt want to ever return to the city that had treated her so badly.

Moses and Amelia are thrilled with both Paula and Laura delivering any day now. They felt blessed at every turn and gave praises to God.

Jacob’s shop has kept him very busy as word of mouth has gotten out about the quality of workmanship with each piece of furniture he creates.

Adam, being head over heels in love with Darcy, spent many hours working on the two-story white house with the picket fence. He knew both were Darcys dream. Nothing pleased him more than to make Darcy smile. He could not wait to finish the house so he could see Darcy walking down the aisle toward him. Darcy had been afraid her past would affect Adams decision to consider her as a mamm to his kinner. When Adam shared with her the past, it was just that, the past! Besides, at the age she was abducted, it was not her fault.

Rachaels friends have noticed the physical changes in her appearance. It left them wondering what is going on.

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