The Ladies of Lancaster County: The Trust of a Friend: Book 3


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The Ladies of Lancaster County: The Trust of a Friend. Is the third book in the series. Your favorite characters continue on in this saga, you will only learn to love them more as they each get more involved.

Bobbeli James is bitten by a brown recluse spider and needs transported into the city for more medical attention than he could receive from their local hospital. With Ruthie being a nervous wreck, Rachael is requested to go with Ruthie by Dr. Getz. He knows how close the two women are and also knows Ruthie will not get any rest at all if she doesn’t have Rachael there to watch over James while she rests.

Abby continues to be stricken with grief with Laura still missing. She doesn’t know if she will ever see her friend again.

Moses and Amelia Rohrer could not be happier with their decision and extended an invitation the following week for Lucas and Paula Lapp to come for a visit. Their health was not good and Paula knew her help was needed, she just didn’t realize to what extent….

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