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Do you ever have questions about the universe and how it came into being? – Have you ever wondered where you came from and what is your purpose in this life? – Do you think it would help if you were presented with a rational, scientific explanation as to the origin of the universe and life as we know it? This book offers scientific evidence about the origin of the universe that leaves no doubt that it was planned and executed to manifest itself as an ordered system. This order is apparent in the very fabric of matter and life as we know it. There is a direct link between matter and life that can be traced back to a single origin or reference. Its structure and manifestation are defined by an intelligent designer. Any ordered system must have a fixed reference as its origin, with sequential components that can only be directed by an intelligent designer. This process is far from random as, by definition, it is ordered. Only intelligence has the ability to define and execute order. The idea for this book came from a prophesy that was communicated to me which, at the time, I did not understand. I was told I would get wisdom from the HOLY SPIRIT and to get it I would need to do nothing. The next few months I kept wondering ‘what could it be’, but kept an open mind. I then started getting thoughts about the universe and the order manifested in it. I discovered that this order is universal in its manifestation. What causes order in the universe? Can it initiate itself? When I thought about the law of entropy it was obvious that order had to be planned and then communicated to matter for it to conform. Order requires sequencing and timing and there has to be a fixed reference before it can be successfully used in a practical application. This book is a summary of the more common ordered systems in our world and shows that planning, referencing, sequencing and sometimes timing are an integral part of all ordered systems. Intelligence is the most important element in developing an ordered system as intelligence sets the reference and all other components in the system. It was also evident that this principle is applicable to our thought process. GOD gave us commandments to help us maintain spiritual order, but also free choice so we could disobey them. However, disobeying would result in SIN or disorder. Since the universe is an ordered system it must have been initiated or created by an intelligent being, GOD. Intelligence defines and creates order. Order and randomness are mutually exclusive. The process of evolution cannot, therefore, create order because it has no fixed reference or understanding of sequencing. Order also needs constant maintenance.
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