To The Young Gens


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A Tool for Inspiration, Guidance, and Wisdom in the Lives of the Youngsters

I started writing this book since 2007. When I got the inspiration, I was not married nor had kids. And to write this book, it took me about thirteen years. It is written as a source of inspiration, guidance, and wisdom for all youngsters, especially those who have no one guiding them. It is written because I know the youngsters of today will be tomorrow’s adults. And in them, I see the new or the next generations (gens) of men and women of God. In them, I see the new generation of helpers, givers, and counselors or mentors. In them, I dream of the next generation of healer of people or societies and mender of broken homes and communities. And in them, I see the rise of selfless and effective leaders throughout the world.

This book brings a message that is authentic. And that authentic message has the power to open the minds of the youths in the aspects of God. And it has the power to open their eyes on the many things that plague, tarnish, or elevate societies.

This book is written for Christian and non-Christian youths within ages twelve to twenty-five. For Christian and non-Christian youths in this age range tend to think they truly understand life. They tend to think that they know or already figure out aspects that make life whole. Because of that, many youngsters at this age range don’t just make minor mistakes; they make huge irreparable ones as well. It is my belief that “you truly tend to do better when you know better.” And it is my belief that getting to know better can turn life around even if it is gravely derailed.

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