Treasure Chest of the Best Loved Poems


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Welcome aboard, and fasten your seatbelt.

Prepare to go on a journey of foot-stomping praise and worship; expressions of true, romantic love; humor that tickles the “funny-bone;” and some just plain good readin’ when you just want to relax and enjoy a little time out.

The purposes of “A Treasure Chest” are to inspire, motivate, provoke, entertain, and provide an enjoyable respite for a few “golden moments.”

Drawing upon the wisdom of Gospel passages, some of the poems include verses or excerpts from the Bible that reflect the theme of the given work. This is to encourage hearts and minds to rest on the Lord during and subsequent to the reading experience.

Dr. James H. Lockhart, also known by colleagues, friends, and associates nationwide as “Doc” or “Deac” (Deacon), hopes that you will be delighted and inspired by “A Treasure Chest of the Best-Loved Poems of J.H. Lockhart.”

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