Tripping With Your Guide Vinnie: Adventures on Big Island


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Join our fearless guide Vinnie a wisecracking, thrill-seeking yet loving and kind young man. Along with his traveling companions, Sparky the curious, happy-go-lucky yet audacious purple dog, and the slightly neurotic but brave and courageous Froggy Long Legs. This trio has lived in Hawaii all their lives and is in need of an extraordinary adventure. Let’s travel along with them as they escape through dangerous lava tubes, narrowly avoiding molten hot magma, then plunging into the ocean to meet a family of sea turtles. This is the right destination to ride a bucking bull and jump off a 442-foot waterfall. Are you ready to experience an earthquake and hang glide from the edge of a volcano? As we participate in their harrowing adventures, exploring the Big Island of Hawaii, we are sure to encounter carefree island animals and visit the countryside of the biggest and most diverse island in the United States. This journey is for the bright adventuring spirit, waiting to travel and experience life themselves.

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