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Line 8 – Change ASNN to CNN Change paragraph 3 and 4 to the following; In addition, David, Sam, Jenny, and Justin hit the ground campaigning for the Democratic candidates running for house and senate seats in the midterm elections. Out of concern for the people on earth, Giorgio and the Greys advise the team of the dangerous direction the Trump administration was taking the country in and how they were negatively influencing the world. They also had a vested interest because of the abandonment of many environmental regulations; spiking alarming new levels of fossil fuels being released in the atmosphere affected the alien community directly. Giorgio and the Greys would play a supporting role in teaching the team how to campaign during these historic midterm elections. The stakes could not be higher for those trying to immigrate legally or seek asylum from persecution. Other issues aside, there was nothing more important than stopping a corrupt congress refusing to do their job as a check against the executive branch. Many of them, in fact, appeared to be joined at the hip with the criminal president, who’s under investigation for obstruction of justice and conspiring with the Russian government in the 2016 election meddling. Along with Fox News, they will stop at nothing, including calling the press the enemy of the people and denigrating our intelligence communities, whose job is solely to protect the United States of America.


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