Until Death Does Its Part


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Until Death Does Its Part is a term people equate to a ceremony or consider useful only in a matrimonial vow. However, it is pertinent in the lives of Christians every day. The Light affliction that God’s chosen people suffer and die to are for a more exceeding and eternal weight of glory. Death has to do its part in us, meaning the dying of one’s self to the will of our creator God. When we choose to give God what he is longing for in our lives without compromise, we reap the benefits of a peaceable fruit. Death has a part in living the victorious abundant life. God’s son died for us, and we must die to self without reservation.

The fullness of time has come for the manifestation of the sons of God. Only those who have died to self will reap the harvest. John 3:3-7 lets us know that not only are Christians born again when we come to salvation, but we also continue dying to self as part of the sanctification process. But the dying to self is not easy and must be embraced daily with tenacity and confidence in knowing that he who brought us to this will also bring us through it. Every step on the ladder takes us up higher and the temptation, sometimes greater, but in the midst of it all, we remember the third day of being elevated. The seed that falls to the ground and die will indeed reproduce a ripe harvest and be raised as a testimony of his glory. Living out our destiny and purpose will promote us to dying a thousand deaths to this life. But we were made for this. We must accept what God is calling us to–Until Death Does Its Part!


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