We Found Them


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On May 6, 2013, Cleveland Police Officer Anthony Espada’s life changed forever. The call came in requesting help at 2210 Seymour Avenue where a young woman claimed to be Amanda Berry, who had been missing for ten years. Espada and his partner arrived on the scene and confirmed the woman in question was indeed Amanda Berry and rescued her and two other women.

Due to this discovery, Espada, along with the entire Cleveland Police Department, received international attention. Eyes from around the world were focused on this Ohio city, and Espada was never the same again.

In We Found Them, Espada travels back in time, starting with his struggles growing up. He eventually joined the Marines and ended up in combat. Finally, he began his career as a Cleveland cop. His true story is one of hope and survival, resilience and rescue, shared bravely and honestly as a celebration of unexpected heroes.


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